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Application FAQs

To create or modify your candidate profile, please click ‘APPLY’ at the top of the page and click on ‘My Profile Page’.

IHG does not accept speculative applications, paper resumes nor those submitted via email. All applications to IHG must be received via our careers site.

IHG is a committed equal opportunities employer. Read our policy in full here:

The perpetrators often ask recipients to complete bogus recruitment documentation, such as application forms, terms and conditions of employment or visa forms. The InterContinental Hotels Group name, the IHG name, logo, hotel brand logos or photographs of hotels are often featured on the documentation without IHG’s permission.

Here are some helpful resources to assist you in spotting Recruitment Scams:

IHG has been made aware of communications (principally email-based) from bogus employment agencies falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of InterContinental Hotels Group and IHG-branded hotels to attract job applicants from overseas.  To apply for legitimate IHG jobs, click the ‘Find A Job’ button at the top of the page.  IHG discourages anyone from making unsolicited offers of employment claiming to be on behalf of IHG hotels or any other part of the InterContinental Hotels Group.  If you have a question about the accuracy or legitimacy of any job offer or if you receive a fraudulent job offer or posting, please contact IHG’s Global Legal Intellectual Property Team at  

Please read through the following technical requirements as this will often resolve the issue. If the issue persists please send an email to and include any error messages you have received and/or screenshots of the error to help us resolve your issue.

  • Windows: Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9 and above
  • Recommended Browsers (JavaScript required
  • Windows / PC
  • Internet Explorer (IE): versions 7 through 11
  • Chrome: version 37 and greater
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  • Mac
  • Safari 7 or 8

Our global careers site may not function as expected if JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. Mobile Devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android devices, etc.) and legacy browsers (i.e. AOL, Netscape, and Internet Explorer 6) are not supported at this time. Please also avoid using the back and forward buttons in your browser. This may interrupt the application process and cause you to lose valuable data you have entered. Use the navigation buttons within the website.

If you’ve forgotten your username please follow these steps:

  1. Type your username in the space provided
  2. Click Forgot my Username
  3. Type the email address that corresponds to the account you are attempting to access and click Validate
  4. A ‘Username Retrieval Confirmation’ will then be displayed with your User Name

If you’ve forgotten your password please follow these steps:

  1. Type your username in the space provided
  2. Click Forgot my Password?
  3. Type the email address that corresponds to the account you’re attempting to access and click Forgot my Password
  4. You will then be sent an email with a temporary password
  5. Click the ‘Enter Password‘ link
  6. Enter the access code provided in the email (be careful not to copy any spaces)
  7. Enter the access code into the old password box
  8. Enter your new password into the fields and then click ‘OK’

Please note that the password must respect the following rules:

  • It must contain between 6 and 32 characters. Use only characters from the following set: # $ % & ( ) * + , - . / 0123456789 : ; < = > ? @ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ [ \ ] _ ` abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz { | } ~
  • It must not contain more than 2 identical consecutive characters (AA, 11, $$ ...).
  • It must not contain your user name.

Our recruitment system will not allow you to create an account for a username or email that has already been registered. If you’ve forgotten your candidate profile username or password, please follow the ‘Forgot Password’ steps.

If you wish to delete your profile please email . This mailbox is for technical related questions only. Please be aware that if you delete your application, it will be removed from any vacancies for which you are being considered.

We do not accept job applications under this email address and will not comment or respond to applications made via this route. All applications for all roles must be made via our careers site.

If you’re experiencing issues with uploading your CV/resume, please kindly upload your file in any of the following formats to avoid any technical restrictions we’ve set within our recruitment system:

  • Word Perfect (.wpd)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Hypertext Markup Language (.htm and .html)
  • Word (.doc and .docx)
  • Portal Document Format (.pdf)
  • Excel (.xls and .xlsx)

Click ‘Apply’ at the top right hand side of the page then select the tab ‘My Profile Page’ to locate the job title to which you applied. Under the job title within your profile, you will see ‘Submission Status’. This indicates the current status of your application and the most recent date that the status was updated.

Other questions surrounding your application to IHG

If you continue to experience technical issues which are not covered within this page, please email . This email box is for technical related questions when using

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