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What we offer

We recognise the importance of developing our people.

That’s why we promise to give you room to grow – investing in you, no matter what region, function or role you are in.

We start with getting to know where you are in your journey and identifying what you want to focus on next. The next step is to encourage you to get going!

“We promise to give you room to grow. This means that we’ll invest in you, no matter what region, function or role you are in.”

Your opportunity to grow

We know we all learn in different ways, which is why our learning and development covers every aspect and you can access learning in lots of different ways.

On the job

Distance or virtual learning that you can then apply to your day-to-day job. This can lead to new responsibilities, accepting internal transfers to a different function in the business or moving to a different country for an international assignment – all possible when you join IHG.

Learning from others

Whether from colleagues, managers and external experts, or structured mentoring and coaching – we have processes in place to help you get the most out of your role.

Formal development programmes

Reading assignments, classroom training, functional and leadership programmes, assessment centres or high potential programmes.

The benefits of working for IHG

At IHG, we are committed to creating an environment where our people are happy and love coming to work. We do this by: 

Providing competitive pay and loads of great benefits

Caring about you in the workplace

Helping you to have the right work/life balance

Recognising teams and individuals that make great contributions

Our salaries

We know that competitive salaries make you happy! At IHG we work hard to make sure that we offer competitive salaries, no matter where in the world you work. We regularly review salaries to make sure they remain competitive.

Our benefits

Another part of being happy at IHG is making sure we offer great benefits. At IHG your benefits will vary depending on where in the world you work, but could include:

  • Global career opportunities, training, continuous education, and educational assistance
  • Discounted hotel room rates for you and your friends & family around the world
  • Incentive programmes
  • Insurance
  • Pension plans
  • Paid time off 
  • Flexible working arrangements to help balance work and home life
  • Global recognition programme
  • Employee discounts and special offers
  • Colleague restaurant facilities
  • Uniform